Saturday, May 24, 2014

With a Heavy Heart........

I am feeling pretty sad today. Yesterday I had the sad task of having our boy Saki put to sleep. We were so blessed to have him since he was a baby (born in 96) but it's hard. He was like our kid and I have to say he was the "perfect" cat. Not a problem in 18 years at all. Nothing but a loving companion to both of us.
He will be greatly missed!! Thank you God for bringing him into our lives.....


  1. I'm sorry for your loss Suzie, pets become family ,which makes it just as hard to lose them, especially when we have them for so long . My dd had her dog Berkley for about 7 yrs , after he was gone she could swear she still heard him and his collar jingle when she came home.
    Blessings for less painful days,Flora

    1. Thanks Flora. You are a sweetheart!!