Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm Still Here!

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted anything. Kind of been out of commission...for a variety of reasons- The latest being, I was in the hospital! It is sort of a long story, but I will condense...

It started with some kind of flu virus that my husband Don and I both came down with (if any of you have ever been sick the same time as your is not one wants to wait on the other etc. etc.). Anyway, then during this time I thought I had a kidney stone and then it was down hill from there and I kept feeling worse. Sooooo.....back to the doctor and after blood work etc. they felt I had some kind of hepatitis and admitted me to the hospital. I was one sick girl. In the hospital they did all kinds of tests and took my vitals (which were pretty good really, I told the Doctor that my vital signs felt better than I did) and couldn't figure out what was going on.... respiratory, kidney, liver, chronns disease flare-up....what?! Well, turns out I had some of all of these at the same time. How about that? I call it the "Perfect Storm"! ending does turn out better than that movie, that's for sure.

To sum it up....after being fed plenty of fluids and antibiotics via I.V. I started getting better and am home now. Yay!
The good thing... I have a much better appreciation for all things. For my husband and my home, for my friends and family and for taking better care of myself. Being in the hospital reminded me that, that's not where I want to be! I also was reminded by God, that he is close by and taking care of me. He is an awesome God! and I am privileged and humbled to belong to Him!