Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sometimes I use photos of my Mom in my artwork.
I think she was so beautiful. She is no longer physically
with me but is always with me in spirit.
She always wore Red lipstick and even though I never
consciously planned it, I think that's why most of my
characters have red lips. I think some even have her

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nice Surprise!

Wow, one of my sweet customers called me yesterday and told me my work was in the new
Somerset Life magazine. I was a bit skeptical since I hadn't known about it. But.....after I closed the shop I went directly to Barnes and Nobel- and low and behold....there it was!!! It was included in the wonderful piece about Glitterfest, which by the way, is coming up soon on March 19. I am very excited as always, to be able to participate in this fantastic, feast-for-the-eyes, event!
Yummy, Yummy, Eye Candy from start to finish......Can't wait to see my fellow Glitterfest Gals again!!