Friday, February 29, 2008

California Here We Come!

My husband Don and I are off to good old California today to attend a friends wedding. Hopefully, along the way we will take some great photos that I can use in my artwork. We are also huge Hot dog fans and will be on the "hot dog hunt" for great hot dog stands. In fact, check out Don's new blog at It is everything and anything you could ever want to know about hot dogs! See you when we get back on Tuesday.

I really relish you all! (hee hee)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Faerie Zine Award

This was fun little project to work on. The Flickr "Faerie Zine" group uses these little pieces of art to give to people as a token to show that their art and photos are enjoyed and appreciated. Lisa Kettell ( who administers the Faerie Zine group had a little contest going to create more awards. However, there are so many great ones I think we are going to eventually use them all. Sounds good to me. I mean, you can never have too many awards can you?
Faerie Zine Award
Glitter Graphics

Friday, February 15, 2008

New- Greeting & Note Cards Coming !

Check them out soon at

Valentines, Valentines and More Valentines!

This is a contact sheet of a few Valentine cards I've done from myown original illustrations.
I had such fun with these, I think I would like to do Valentines all the time! All of my life
I have been so inspired by all the fun vintage images from days past so I really love re-creating
that feeling in my own way. Be sure and check back soon to see what
I'm cooking up for Spring and Easter!

Flickr Faerie Zine group Vintage Valentine Swap 2008

Here are some pics of the very cute Valentine's I received so far (there is one more coming)from my Swap Partners in the Flickr Faerie Zine Vintage Valentine Swap 2008. It was so much fun getting these. Everyone is so unique and creative. Thank you all.

From Sandy

From Mary Ann

From Jade

A Big Hug to you all.