Saturday, October 22, 2011

From The Ashes .....

Like the mythological Phoenix bird....We have risen from the ashes, so to speak.
I apologize to all of you. I know I am not good (not good at all) at keeping you all informed along my journey. I have a very hard time while I am in the midst of everything to sit down and keep you in on the day to day. Plus, I really do get into a mode where I just want to hide and lick my wounds for awhile.
It hurt allot to close my shop in Prescott. I felt like we were just barely starting to get off the ground, but it's a long story and there really wasn't any other choice.
So it's been about 5 months now.....5 hectic months! We have made a big move back to a place we were 20 years ago (That could be a whole other blog entry- which I will try to do soon) and because of the kindness of a dear friend of ours, I now have a new shop and studio space.
It has not been easy..... it's been a lot of work. Allot of sweat and tears and emotional ups and downs but I am very, very thankful and grateful!! Being innkeepers at our friend's Bed and Breakfast was also thrown into the mix this summer. Besides being interesting we met some very nice people from all over the country. I also learned that while being fun and interesting a Bed and Breakfast is work. So all of you that have romantic notions of opening a B & B when you retire.....think about it. A gentleman told me earlier today that being retired means that you're RE-TIRED, meaning that you are more tired than ever. I thought that was a good one.
Anyway, I'm going to sign off for now. I'm back and in BUSINESS so forgive me and keep checking back. I do appreciate it so much.
PS Ooooops! I forgot to tell you where we were at. I'm in Portola, California which is 45 min NW of Reno, Nevada-1 hour N of Truckee California. In Plumas county which is in the beautiful High Sierras.


  1. Great to have you back, I must get by more often to say HI!!! LUV your shop.

  2. Thank you Sue. I appreciate it. Come and see me when you can.

  3. Lovely to see you again.
    I went through that sort opf thing years ago,yes it did break my heart. But I picked myself up and started again.
    Worth it.......ALWAYS.

  4. Glad to hear from you! Nan and I were getting worried! You don't want that! We miss you here in Prescott. Last time I glanced to where your shop used to be, it looked absolutely horrible--just perfect for Halloween, I guess!

    Love your new gorgeous shop! Wish I could visit it...

    Say, I thought I would see my blog on your favorites list to the left..alas, alone again..

    We think the world of you and wish you all the best. If you ever meander through this cowtown again, please let us know and we will get together!

  5. I am so glad to have an update on you :))

    The Bed and Breakfast sounds like a hoot! But I am sure ALOT of work!

    What a beautiful area you moved too! annnnd your store front is adorable.

    Kay Ellen

  6. I love the shop and pray blessings over it for you dear Susie!

  7. pearlanne pattersonNovember 5, 2011 at 9:45 PM

    Love the look of your new digs! We had snow here today. The old shop is still vacant. many small business downtown are closing. Sad! I am happy you are settled in. Best Wishes! Miss you......