Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Snow and Rain in the Forcast..... Yay?

Looking out one of the front windows of the shop

A view out of the back window and the little hallway where the water is seeping in

Normally I love the snow, but......
Here are a couple of pics I took yesterday. Not that great. It doesn't really give a good representation of how much it was really snowing and a blowing. A regular little blizzard we were having!
I also tried to get a shot of my attempt to mop up the flood waters. Landlord was here....he's kind of stumped on how the water is leaking in, but promised he would take care of it when the sun comes back. In the mean time, I'm running out of towels!!

Oh, thought I would throw in a pic of a little angel ornament I made from one of my drawings.
Kind of a reminder to myself that there are angels amongst us. Mustn't forget...........

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Minor Disaster?!

Well...........The long and the short of it is, that, I left the heater in the shop on full blast and then we were gone for a day. When we got home late that night I kept thinking the house (we live upstairs) was warmer that it should have been since it was still rather cold outside and the heater in the house wasn't on. Anyway, I decided to go down and check the store was pretty much like a SAUNA!
Not too cool when you have candles. The good side is, I don't have all of the candles out in the store yet as I am still not open (keep having "bumps" in the road). NOW today I am having a small flooding problem. Yesterday it rained and snowed all day.....and now it is seeping in (AGAIN) in the back of the shop. Landlord on his way.........
This will pass, right? And I will eventually have a lovely shop and Galerie!