Monday, March 8, 2010

A Minor Disaster?!

Well...........The long and the short of it is, that, I left the heater in the shop on full blast and then we were gone for a day. When we got home late that night I kept thinking the house (we live upstairs) was warmer that it should have been since it was still rather cold outside and the heater in the house wasn't on. Anyway, I decided to go down and check the store was pretty much like a SAUNA!
Not too cool when you have candles. The good side is, I don't have all of the candles out in the store yet as I am still not open (keep having "bumps" in the road). NOW today I am having a small flooding problem. Yesterday it rained and snowed all day.....and now it is seeping in (AGAIN) in the back of the shop. Landlord on his way.........
This will pass, right? And I will eventually have a lovely shop and Galerie!


  1. OH MY GOSH! I know you are so annoyed but really this is quite cute. Ok sorry not laughing because the flooding part is enough to send any sane woman over the deep end and into a state of "Is this really going to work". It is going to work. You have talent and that talent is not determined by the problems that you are facing. Do you understand that last sentence? People will come and even if you left the candles the way they were, they would shop because your creations are WONDERFUL! Focus on that, not the typical problems of running a shop. It will work....YES!

  2. well i think the blue and the pink candle look must not have been fun getting the wax off.

  3. Thank you everyone for all the nice encouraging comments. I really appreciate it. Having a little trouble keeping up at the moment.
    Will keep you posted.

  4. Oh my goodness flooding and melting candles~~

    Candles are kind of cool very artsy Susie! Sorry about the water~~not artsy or cool.

    Ice I think is good way to get wax off things...
    Don't work to hard:)

    Kay Ellen

  5. They look surreal. you should mark them as "Salvador Dali Candles"

    Then, get a programmable thermostat. No more remembering :-)

  6. ohh mannn..... I agree with Cara....totally Dali-esque!! lol!

    When I first scrolled to this post..I was like..what the heck are those slug looking things?? haha...

    ohh man...yep..we had a store for a few years...the stoooories we could tell!!! LOL!!!!

    Best Wishes!!