Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So Thankful!

I'm so thankful for this shop and that Don and I have the ability to live here as well.
To live, and have my studio and the shop all together is quite a blessing. I know I take it for granted, but when I make the time to think about it......I am so grateful......

I'm sorry (I'm always saying that), I know I said I would upload pictures of the shop awhile back. And now here it is, what .....weeks later?!
I like this photo of the outside. It was a pretty evening and the sky was all pink and glowing.
I wish I would have gotten a better shot of it. It was gone so quickly!!

I won't promise this time but, photos of the inside and my latest work will come......

All I can say is thanks for your patience.

Have a Blessed and very Happy Thanksgiving


1 comment:

  1. So adorable. We hope to visit some day. Happy Thanksgiving.