Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have to say.....I am..........a....little......overwhelmed today! This is not how I planned this, really. If I'd had my choice, I would have done this move in an organized and systematic way (does this really happen.....ever??).
As I told you before, this all happened kind of fast and then I broke my ankle, got sick....wah wah wah.....
Anyway, you take help when it is offered. Don't get me wrong I am eternally grateful for loving and willing friends that helped (and continue to help) with this never ending move. But............all the boxes didn't really get packed and labeled like I wanted. Product for the shop and years of art and craft supplies are here and there there.....and here and there....ugh.
Good thing is, and there is always a good thing, I should be more organized and optimized and every other kind of mized (new word) than I have ever been!! Yay and hallelujah! So besides the shop being Bee-U-Tee-Ful, I should be more creative, right.... right?
Okay, back to work. Will write more later.

PS. I forgot to mention that while California was getting hit with storm after storm (I was there for the Gift and CHA shows (craft and hobby assoc.) Prescott had it's share as well. While Prescott was experiencing more than 8 inches of snow and 5 inches of rain in one day, my husband Don was experiencing a small deluge of water coming into the store. Luckily with a little help he was able to avert disaster. However, we are still trying to dry out!!


  1. Oh Beautiful woman you may see a box upon box to sort out. I see a very beautiful home, with tons of boxes to fill it with. I see potential. Hurry now so that we can see what you come up with along the way. You are just so grand in that manner. Oh very glad that DH found the leak prior to you decorating and filling the store area!

  2. oh my goodness you have a creative space~ right?!

    Sorry I missed you at the CHA~~We will have to connect next time...Your shop will be beautiful!Can't wait to see:)

    Take Care and don't work to hard,
    Kay Ellen

  3. Yoiks,,,stay dry - can't wait to see more pictures of your store! Please post along the way so we can see the creative process.