Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here's the Pics!

Here's my table at Halloween & Vine a bit hard to see. I'm sorry my pictures didn't turn out that well, but you get the idea. It was a fun and a fast paced show to say the least!

Another view of some of my work. I had allot of fun with the addition of Paper Mache pieces to my collection!

This is Scott Smith of Rucus Studio. He does incredible work of pure perfection. Every piece is awesome! Scott along with his partners Christy Silacci and Ginny Betourne put on Halloween and Vine. They were gracious and welcoming hosts! My thanks to all of them!

Jorge De Rojas....what can I say? Just an incredible and gifted artist. His pieces are so creative and whimsical. He has a great sense of humor and he is....the Ho Ho Holiday King!

Paris to the Moon! If you haven't been to this shop in Costa Mesa you need to make it a point to when ever you are in the area! It is pure eye candy. Their work (Darren Calkins and his sister Danyel Montecinos) and table display is just a sampling of what you will find at this incredible shop!

Laurie Hardin of Monkey-Cats Studio. Her work is pure Halloween. So fun and whimsical, she puts her own twist on vintage inspirations from the past. Her work is wonderful and perfectly executed. Each piece...perfect!

Gabrielle Acevedo....the most fun Halloween Jewelry anywhere! e-mail her at
Mythica Masks by Monique Aldabe. These are just pure fun. So beautiful. Her work is enchanting. Check out her website and gallery at

Vergie Lightfoot. Wonderful, Wonderful Pieces! Incredibly creative. Here sculptures take you in and mesmerize!
The most fun and incredible work by Arbutus Hunter. Just fun original folk art. I love every piece. She and her husband are also very nice people. Fun to be around and to have as fellow exhibitors!
Nancy Aldabe of Nancy's Metal Art. Really fun metal sculptures for Halloween decorating. The best I've seen anywhere!
Here's Scott again. He is opening the show in this pic, but I thought he could be also saying goodbuy until next year. Hope to see you there!

Here is an additional list of the other participants of the show this year and my apologies to all of them. Some of them were missed in the photo taking and some of them their pics just did not turn out!
Check out their websites though and see their unique and beautiful work!

Charles Batte - ChasBatte Studio
Ginny Betourne- Trout Creek Tales
William Bezek-
Sharon Bloom-
Jana & Trina Corda-
Lori Ann Corelis- The Spotted Hare-
Alan W. Cunningham- Dolls by Allen W.
Kimberly Edgar- Edgar and Edgar, Purveyors of Fine Goods-
Kerry Howard-Schmidt- Paper Moon Gallery-
Johanna Parker- Joanna Parker Design-
Jack Roads-
Christy Silacci-
Nicole Sayer- Nicole Sayer Folk Dolls-
Katherine Webber-

and....Mark B. Ledenbach with his wonderful book of his incredible Vintage Halloween Collection!

Whew..............that's it for now. Glitterfest is next. Santa Ana, California on October 10th! Hope to see you there!!

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