Saturday, May 30, 2009

Birthdays!!'s my birthday! I'm really not sure how I feel about it. So far not thrilled. Seems like it comes a little sooner every year! Just sort of creeps up on me! Yeah, that's it....creeeepy! It's creepy that I am getting so old. It does not, and I repeat, does not seem right!

It's my husband's Birthday too! Or it was his birthday, two days ago, on the 28th. I made him this card from an old clipping I found in a box and the funny(or sad) thing is, that this birthday ran along the same lines for him. Long story... with an employee that has done some pretty bad stuff that we have to deal with....anyway, In the midst of all of this we will still laugh and find something good. God has a way of turning our Lemons into the best Lemonade!!

(oh, just a note....Don did get his bicycle back)


  1. Wishing you a Birthday full of happiness, wonderful surprises and smiles! Hugs, Terri

  2. No one who is a glitter girl can ever get OLD. She might lose a tiny bit of sparkle every once in awhile, but she is still aglow with happiness and giggles and good friends all around to remind her that she is only on her way to being the very classist part of vintage. From Joanne Tuchman

  3. I love your blog and and your stuff and your very young coolness comes through all the time. So you must only be about 19-10, anyway, in human years.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope your birthday was filled with lots of love, creativity, and LOTS AND LOTS of Cake! Happy Birthday to the two of you! ~Cassandra

  5. A birthday is a celebration made up by people to get presents.So, forget all of that stuff about aging and enjoy the gifts you have been given.
    You could be me!!!!!!!!!!!!! then you would have different thoughts.You would be in advanced age. ha ha
    Did you have white cake? Happy Birthday to you and Don. So happy he got his bike back.