Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Get Well Book!

Recently I was sick and hospitalized and to my utter surprise and amazement some of the sweet gals from my Flickr Faerie Zine group got together and created this beautiful "Get Well" book for me!

Each person did a page and sent it to Lisa Kettell who bound it all together and created the covers and can you believe...she put "To the Great Susie Scott" on the front? I don't know about that but, I know that these gals are all great that's for sure!

Here is a list of all the artists that participated in creating this lovely book for me. They are all just so talented and creative. I am amazed every time I open it!

This is Lisa's page. How sweet is this?! She must have an inkling that the Campbell kids art style is right up my alley! I wonder where she ever got that idea....

The back page is clever too. I love the feet and legs sticking out of the can!

This page by JoAnn is so cute. I wish you could actually see how the little paper dolls come out of the page. So cute too, how they are each holding a word.

Bridget's page is so, so sweet. I love how she matched the sentiment to the picture, about hoping I would be up for a stroll soon..... I am, and I need to get out and do more of it except it's so hot here right now (phoenix)!!

Here's Gina's page. The colors, the bird and the little girl are all just too sweet for words! So cheerful, it couldn't help but make me feel better! Your a sweetie Gina.

Cindy did this darling dancing ballerina. I love the inspirational words she added to it, the embellishments...everything. I've seen Miracles too Cindy and you helped me see more of them!

How clever is this page by Lee? I love the bird in the dress giving cake, of all things, to another little birdie. So sweet and cheerful. By the way, cake is one of my favorite things!

What can I say about Wanda's page? I just keep thinking sweet over and over! Love the picture, love the glitter and lace.....just love it!

Dani's page is cute and sweet and she added a note as well. It tells how her son, Austin didn't think it was cheery enough so he insisted she add more glitter. I say thanks and right on to Austin! You just can't have enough glitter, huh Austin?

Vivian, I love your page too. The monkeys are so bright and cheerful. Red is my color. Your embellishments were perfect for this too. Thanks for helping to cheer me up. I appreciate it so much!

Mary Ann's page was just so creative and cute. I love how she created this little "Get Well Soon" dollie!
Such a cutie pie...the dollie and you too Mary Ann!

This page by Sandy is just too much!! It was such a fun surprise how she took the pic of my husband and I from my blog and did this page. I love, love, love it. And how clever...the road sign. The road to recovery! This great page sure helped add to my recovery. Thanks again Sandy.

What could be more sweet than this page by Eileen? Hearts with butterfly wings! This book and this page sure gave my heart wings! The sparkles and glitter certainly helped as well!
I thank you from my heart....

Debb, Sparkles and glitter galore! As Rachel Ray says, "YUMO"! This page rates number one in the "Bling"department. I think you must be the Queen of Bling and I love it!! Thanks to you and your little fairy too!

Michelle, thank your for your sweet and thoughtful page and thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers too. Love the charm and the ribbons and butterflies...everything!

Just want to thank all of you again for sending me this treasure! And a special thanks and hug to Lisa who just blows me away all the time, not only with her talent but with her amazing energy and zest and thoughtfulness. I never knew that when I signed on to flickr that it would turn into a blessing as well. You have all blessed me and I thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.

Love and hugs to you all,


  1. Hi Susie,
    So glad you enjoyed your book and are feeling better! A big huge thank you to Lisa for organizing it all.

  2. Hi Susie, the book turned out wonderfully! every page! What a sweet little blessing!
    Lisa is a sweetheart isnt she?

  3. I love the book all the pages are so good mine look like I drop glitter ever where. I didn't know I used so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bling is right, I'm just glad your better. Thanks for the good comment to me.
    love Debb

  4. Oh Susie the book looks fabulous! Thanks so much for showing us! I am glad you liked my page:)

    Sandy XOX

  5. Wow, That is Truly So Thoughtful! What a Wonderful Person you must be and so Lucky too. Hope you are feeling much better the Book is Gorgeous and what a Keepsake. Jamie

  6. Susie, what an amazing book!! I can see how it helped you feel better!! You were truly blessed by your fairy friends, and I hope you are back to yourself now!!
    Hugs and good thoughts,

  7. sorry I'm just swinging by now- thanks for showing all of the pages, it was fun to see them all! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Lee (Leezy Beezy)

  8. Wow, that book is amazing! So, so pretty!