Monday, March 17, 2008

One of Those Days...

Did you ever have one of "those days" where you just don't feel.....creative? You almost think you may never feel creative again? That's me today. So, I took a photo I had of myself in which, I think I'm looking a little frustrated and pasted some of my characters into it with me. I was kind of surprised because it ended up making me feel better and reminded me that they will all still be there and that maybe I just need a little....... break.

Let's see now.....where is all that stuff I need to get listed on ebay and etsy anyway!?


  1. Days like that are the worst!

  2. Yep, I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes a little break gives me time "off" for new ideas and more passion to develop and I think we all need breaks like that periodically!

  3. I have definitely had days like that. That's the time I head out doors and go for a walk or hike...that's what seems to help me! Hope you are back in the creative mood again!