Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Winter Carnival

" Winter Carnival"

This is a new little collage hanging
I have up on ebay at the moment.

When I work I sort of have an idea in my head about the direction I'm going in, but it usually changes. I knew with this one that I wanted to do a snowman, but Ms. Winter Carnival quickly took on a life of her own. The more I added to her,
the more she looked like my idea of "Carnival". She is a little crazy and festive and fun and a little retro on top of it. So I thought, OK....Winter Carnival!

She was a fun one to create. I also came across a great find of
vintage mica flakes that I had forgotten about. Yay! they are forgotten no longer.......

Check her out at my ebay shop and be sure and keep in touch because you never know what I might be listing next.

P.S. More Mermaids, Inspirational and Christmas things coming soon!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Susie-
    I love Ms. Winter Carnival! She's so "festive"!