Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Penelope in Paris??

That Penelope! she is at it again, jet-setting all around the world. Now she's doing a photo shoot in Paris for a Fashion magazine. Just can't keep track of that bunny! What will she be up to next?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Tags in my Etsy Shop

This was fun... I created some new tags from a Marie Antoinette inspired, little illustration I did of a sweet "Marie" Birdcage lady.
With a little birdie resting on her arm, I thought I would add some words of friendship,
Ami Doux - Sweet Friend in French.
I recently saw the Marie Antoinette film with Kirsten Dunst. And while the movie wasn't that great (in my opinion) It certainly was a feast for the eyes! Eye Candy overload for sure. I will watch this one over and over again!!

Faerie Zine Princess & The Pea Hat Swap 2008

I'm a little late getting these pics posted, but here is the hat I received from my swap partner, Debb George (check out her blog- www.debksg.blogspot.com. It is very lovely and is being modeled by my big Teena Flanner (original) bunny. I think it is quite becoming on her, don't you?
Thanks again Debb, You did a great job!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Items on Etsy!

I finally have been working and have some new items in my etsy shop...www.susiescottstudios.etsy.com
I will be adding more fun things as well, so come by when you can!
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