Friday, May 22, 2009

You're the Queen Award!

Cassandra from My Artful Adventures is having a Giveaway! (see her blog)and has also started a wonderful "You're the Queen Award". The idea being that you give the award to 2 or more deserving ladies with the instructions for them to....take a little time and treat themselves like a Queen. The Queen that they surely are, but sometimes need reminded to pamper and indulge themselves a little.
So..... I am to pass on that award and here are a few of the ladies I think are more than deserving!

Bridgette Antonelli bellalunaarts
Lisa Kettell faerieenchantment
Cerri Campbell
Christine Rose Elle dollybelleatelier
Debrina Pratt whimsicalworldoffairies


  1. You are the Queen! Queen of glittery fun. It was so nice to meet you at Glitterfest. I put some photos up on my blog.
    xo Lidy

  2. Your blog is wonderful and your art work lovely. Maukie was a hoot to "play" with!

  3. Your artwork is fantabulous! I love your blog and the award. Then I scrolled down and saw the cat...ok, gotta have one of those